Can someone tell me the difference between classic and vascular Eagles please?

I’m just wanting to know from you all what the differences are between the two types of Eagles syndrome. I know they both produce some strange symptoms, but it would be great to hear from both sides. Thanks

From the way I understand it , classic eagle's involves a long styloid process that will produce pain, but is not angled so that it interferes with your jugular or left ventrical respectively. Vascular eagle's is an enlogation of the styloid process that is angled so that it impinges on either of these two main arteries. I believe I have classic, however I do notice that when I tilt my head to the left or right and arc it upward (somewhat diagonally as far as it will go) I start to black out. Hope that helps Grace.

Thanks Nick, I appreciate your reply. The pain and weird sensations is driving me crazy! But I will remain positive that I am a little closer to a diagnosis :slight_smile: take care

The vessels that can get compressed by the styloid are the Internal Jugular Vein and the Carotid Artery. One can have symptoms of both Classic and Vascular Eagles Syndrome. I do.