The Eagles Jugular Syndrome - Variants of Eagles

I have learned after being here 2 years, there are some Eagles surgeons that don’t evaluate for jugular compression. Some patients have to have 2nd surgeries to address this IJV. Im trying to understand why some surgeons are not evaluating for IJV and break it down more simply for all of us a patients can understand and ask the right questions of the doctors we seek care from.

This research paper identifies 3 types of Eagles. Classic variant and carotid variant which are identified by symptoms. A 3rd variant was associated with styloid elongation adjacent to the transverse process of C1 ie: jugular variant.

  1. Classic variant seems to be associated with tonsillectomies
  2. Carotid variant causing pain on nerves and vascular complications (venus obstruction) or cerebral ischemia.
  3. Jugular variant -Transverse process C1 related is associated with IJV compression.

EaglesJugularSyndrome.pdf (1.7 MB)

Thanks for that Snapple! It’s good that they’re recognising jugular compression & feel it needs more investigation, but a shame they didn’t do surgery with most of those cases but treated with meds- not addressing the cause!

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Mine feels vascular, going to ENT Dec 10th. Will be sure to ask about looking into this.

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