Cerebral angiogram/venogram - cracking noise?

Unusual question to those who had a cerebral angiogram/venogram with catheter: could you hear the catheter moving/injecting the contrast when it was in your neck arteries/veins? I could. Weird experience.

Hi yes I could feel the wire being moved around inside my brain during Venogram especially at points where venous structures in neck/ brain were narrow. Although I did fear the procedure beforehand it was much less scary in reality, just odd. The next day l would not have known I had anything done. In my case the Venogram did not show increased pressure at the point where my JVs were compressed, which is what I think Queens Sq team were expecting. But it did show that my right internal jugular vein had a much higher pressure of over 7, whereas rest of brain venous pressures were closer to zero pressure levels I think count as normal. This was an important clue In Working out that my right styloid & VES we’re a problem . They also told me I had unusual venous structures at base of right brain, I have since realised my body had done this as it could not drain blood normally on right side. I hope you are recovering well from the tests and that they provide useful diagnostic info for you. Take care. D


I never heard anything while having the cerebral angiogram/venogram but then I have severe sensorineural hearing loss so practically deaf at higher frequencies so do not know if it is due to that either…


In my case it was not like some frequencies but more like an insect crawling and tapping with tiny legs in my ear…


When we had dogs, I got a dog hair deep in my ear one day. Whenever I moved my head, I could hear what sounded like something scratching on my eardrum. I was convinced that there was a bug :cockroach: in my ear. I couldn’t feel anything w/ my finger & couldn’t get anything out w/ a Q-tip. I had to take one of my children to the doctor that day so I asked him to look at my ear. He did & pulled out the dog hair. Problem solved. :joy:

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