Met with Dr Bove at Northwestern today. He is willing to do the surgery and even offered to do both sides since I live out of state. I told him I would rather wait until the left side bothers me more and my immediate issue is with the right side. He was available to do surgery as early as May. He is very familiar with ES and its symptoms. He is on the young side and specializes in the throat more than the ears and nose. I was already diagnosed with ES, so our visit only went into details about my symptoms. He resembles Michael Keaton. His staff is very nice and the facility top notch.
Monday I meet with Dr. Borrowdale at Layola which is also close by. I will make my decision which Doc I want to do the surgery.
Will add more after my 2nd consult on Monday.

Met with Borrowdale today. He has a friendly staff and everyone I encountered were helpful. The Doc is friendly and to the point. He made some jokes and had a couple interns check me out also. He really gave me an exam for TMJ as he feels it is most people’s symptoms. Well I past that test and he actually felt the bones on both sides of my mouth. I had my CT scan with me so he called it ES and offered to do both sides this week, but I couldn’t do that this soon. He said that the surgery has a 50/50 success rate. He then said he would take out about 1 centimeter.

I am going to go with Dr. Bove simply because he stated that he had great success with the surgeries and stated that he takes out as much as he can.
I think anyone would be on good hands with either doc.

I think you made a wise decision!!! I would want the doctor to take as much of it out as possible too. leaving so much behind may still press on nerves & veins. That's why we seek out surgery, to get relief from it pressing on things. Good call, glad you went for a second opinion. Wishing you the best, keep us posted......I have a 1st consult tomorrow, finally got the nerve up to seek surgical removal. Hope I hear good things!

Hope that the surgery works out for you with Dr Bove- it sounds like a wise choice. Keep us informed when you have a surgery date! And good luck to you tbone; let us know how you get on too!

Yes, I’m from Michigan and staying with my daughter who lives outside Chicago. I would have liked to have stayed closer to home but it didn’t seem to be an option


I agree with tbone.....make it very clear to Dr. Bove that you want as much removed as possible if not all. My doc removed entire ligament from both sides, all the way from styloid process to hyoid bone, 4 cm right & 6 cm left. He only left 1-1/2 to 2 cm of styloid process. I talked to my doc about this prior to surgery to make sure we were on the same page that I wanted it all out, and he was in complete agreement. Praying for you Ivy!