Chicago area doctor?

Hello all. I am new to the site as I was just diagnosed this week. I have been referred for a surgical consult with a Dr. Borrowdale at Loyola medical center. As surgery seems imminent (65 mm styloid) I know I will want a second opinion.

Has anyone seen a doctor in the Chicago area? If I can't locate anyone else, I think I will try to see Dr. Forrest in Cleveland.

All comments will be appreciated!

I haven't heard of anyone in the Chicago area. This is just my personal opinion, but I think if I lived in the Chicago area, I would probably go to Dr. Cognetti in Philadelphia. I know it seems like a long way to go, but I think it's worth it to go to someone with as much surgical experience as you can find.

Thank you! I will definitely look into seeing him. I’m thankful that ninjas able to get an appt with Dr. Forrest in late September. Anyone who can comment on him? This is overwhelming !

I was (not ninjas, sry)

None that I can recall in Chicago. Hope someone else has news. Dr. Forrest sounds like a good choice, but you should certainly check around and be informed. Sorry that you have this problem, happy to have you on the site. Hopefully, the members who had surgery with Dr. Forrest can give you some support. Dr. Cognetti is also a good choice. I can't remember who used him.

There is a Dr. Forrest in Cleveland also? I have a Dr. Arick Forrest in Columbus Ohio that is an ENT with Ohio State University. I was his 53rd ES surgery on 8/9/13. He went in extraorally. I walked out of the surgery center in less pain than I was going into the center!! :slight_smile: He’s an excellent doctor and I’m entrusting him with my right side in a couple more months :sunny:

I said Cleveland, but no, it’s Columbus. Same doc, I am so happy to receive your reply! I so glad he helped you! I hope for the same good results:)