Classification of megastyloids

according to Langlais et al. 1986


  1. Physiological length
  2. Elongation
  3. Pseudarthrosis
  4. Bone chain
  5. Complete ossification
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Crazy weird. The odd thing is that unless they are causing symptoms, the size and length are irrelevant. There are patients with very small styloids that experience symptoms as well as megastyloids present but patients never experience symptoms.
It almost seems a contest measured by centimetres when the true measure is how it effects your life and health.


Interesting Dude. Im wondering if they even use this classification anymore. I havent really seen those terms used in reports except elongation.

The graphic was found in a current medical textbook. I think that this classification is not used because it is not that relevant, as shayney already wrote.
I still find it informative.

I do too. The more knowledge the better. It is interesting to compare to my CT scan results.

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interesting…I find it hard to imagine that anyone could have complete ossification without symptoms! It is the angle which can cause symptoms as much as the length.

Agreed, Jules. Complete ossification would fully anchor the hyoid bone which would definitely create big problems w/ swallowing, coughing, sneezing, singing, talking, laughing, hiccoughing, etc. That little bone needs to be able to MOVE!!