Would like help on this

I just got my CBCT results today and would like some views. I have been having full head, face and neck pain. It frusterated me that I paid near $500 fit this scan and asked to look for Eagles but they didn’t report the length of the bones.

Hi Kandi,
It doesn’t mention the styloid length, but the report does say that there’s ossification of the stylo-hyoid ligaments, so with symptoms means that you have ES. Are you able to get back to the radiologist to request that they measure the styloid processes?

If have connected my dentist to ask if he can find out the length, but just today I done that…I have to wait. I have other questions about this condition…as I been reading I see this can cause IH…now I’m terribly bed bound ill, my full head, face, neck, shoulders are in pain…pressure in head and face, and I am so extremely weak, stiff neck and tight scm muscles… like worse weakness than a bad case of mono…I can’t sit or stand for more than 5 mins and I feel like I’m ready to die. Does this sound like the effects of IH? I’m assuming this isn’t common for just Eagles to give all these symptoms without a complication?

Lets be careful here. Calcification or ossification of the stylohyoid ligament is a frequent, often incidental finding EVEN with symptoms just as the length of the styloid process is not “gold Standard” (the styloid may be enlarged (>30 millimeters in length) in 4% of the population but only (~4%) of people with enlarged styloids have symptoms OR Eagle. You clearly have something going on and it may very well be Eagle. BUT if you have a radiologist and/or dentist trying diagnose Lyme Disease from a study. I’d suggest you run and run quickly to someone else for an opinion. What ever you do don’t let them send you to a “Lyme Doctor” In the mean time there is way too much personal information revealed in you studies and have had to remove them. The entire world can see this site.

Please feel free to repost the narrative not as a jpg or screenshot. If you cant cut and paste. Just paste it into “paint” and crop it There was enough information there that even I could hack your computer

I’m sorry about that, I didn’t realize I had my info attached to the pictures. Am I allowed to post the images again without my info attached?

As for them mentioning Lyme disease, I already have had that diagnoses via 2 blood tests from 3 years ago. I got sick the first time 6 years ago that started via sinus infection with ear pain, neck and head pain that disabled me with weakness and unable to get out of bed, which I recovered from about 85% with no diagnoses at that time on why I was sick. Very much to the symptoms I got now again, but this time it is worse. All the 3 years of Lyme treatment I never got rid of this head pain and some other stuff. Now I have it more on right side but in general pain all over, symptoms even matching IH. I am getting no help out here so far in medical, and ER’s aren’t helping me. I feel the bone under my jaw in my neck, which I never had before, which is what let me to getting the CBCT, but now it’s like these drs that I find treating Eagles out here don’t know how serious of complications it can cause neurologically. I’m so weak im unable to travel in a care, sit in a chair and even sit up to eat. 3 months ago I was functioning ok.

No problem just looking out for you. Make sure there are no numbers on the pics. They lead directly to you…

Kandi, when I had vascular Eagles (the styloid was compressing my carotid artery and jugular vein), I had somewhat similar symptoms. Mine weren’t quite as bad as yours, but I was very weak, couldn’t work, and felt like I was going to die. And it all happened within a couple months as well.

The thing is we don’t always know if the symptoms are caused Eagles or not until we get the surgery and the symptoms are resolved.

Hi Kandi,
I live in Vancouver and also have calcified stylohyoid ligaments, which was only confirmed after having the 2 CBCT scans. 2 previous standard medical CT scans reported elongated styloid processes. Since the CBCT scan gave a clearer picture, it was easy to see that the processes were normal, and it was in fact connective tissue calcification starting from the point where the ligament attaches to the tip of the process that gave the impression of an elongated styloid process.

By all means, ask the radiologist to clarify whether the image showed any
elongation of the bone at all. Keep in mind that these are DENTAL radiologists and are not necessarily looking for (or are familiar with) ES. I suspect, though, that you may have soft tissue calcification in other areas (i.e., rear of the neck) that could be contributing to your symptoms, like it has with me. This has actually caused me more problems than the calcified stylohyoid ligaments.

My first CBCT scan was taken by a Maxillofacial ENT in his office (a stand up model, designed for dental/jaw issues), who then sent it out to a local imaging company (Orbit-Wilson) for interpretation. Since it didn’t mention the neck area I was interested in, I asked them to re-do the report. They agreed to re-examine the scan, even having a radiologist more experienced with medical issues take a look. I got a much more detailed report. When I wanted a follow up scan about a year later, I asked the ENT to allow me to have the scan done directly by Orbit-Wilson so that I could have it done on a different model machine (sitting down, 360º capture). I paid a little extra to get a better resolution image, as well as a 3D rendering of the scan. Well worth it, as that showed the calcification rather than the ossification (elongation of the styloid process).

After some specialized lab tests done through a Naturopath, it was determined that I have Hypercalcaemia, which caused the calcification in the connective tissues. We are now working on the root causes of the Hypercalcaemia, and may be able, in theory at least, to halt and reverse the calcification without surgical intervention. I should mention that this is NOT a QUICK solution.

I will post the names of 2 Lower Mainland doctors to consider (One covered by MSP, and the other paid out of pocket), as a reply to your other post looking for doctors in Vancouver.

Good Luck!

Hi kandi I also paid privately for my scan and it just stated two sentences. Calcified ligaments on both sides and temperal bones normal even though the bone can be felt behind my tonsil. I need to have it re looked at but it has to be requested by my doctor who wont do it.

If you can get a copy of the CT on a CD then you can make it into a color 3D image and look at it yourself. The directions " how to" can be found on this site. I the directions to teach myself and it worked really well.