Combination of Analgesic and Gabapentin

I just wanted everyone to know that I used to only be on hydrocodone (3x 7.5mg/325) a day. Six months ago I was prescribed a low dose of gabapentin in combination with my opiate medication. At first I didn't notice a difference as I was on only 100mg 3x a day, Since then (about 3 months ago) I have been stepped up on my dose of gabapentin from that amount to 300mg 4x a day and felt comfortable moving down to 5mg of hydrocodone 4x a day. It isn't a cure all, some days still suck considerably, however, I will say this has given me a bit more stability. I am happy to be on less opiate medication and think I have found a dose that generally on most days works considerably well for me. I know everyone is different, but I have to say it is working currently for me. Still considering surgery on my right side and re-opening my left side to clean up the previous shoddy surgery attempt by an inexperienced ENT. Hope the info helps someone. Thanks!

Hi, I also have found Gabapentin helps my pain, mainly the stabbing burning pain in my ear. I have had to gradually increase the dose, as it has become less effective over time. I hope to get surgery as soon as I can. I fear if I don't get something done for this pain I will be disabled and unable to work. I am already debilitated, having to lie down flat to rest my neck and relieve the pressure in my ear as soon as I get home from work. Let's hope we all find some relief from our symptoms soon. It's good to know of others who have ES and are able to get better.

Does anyone have stomach issues with Gabapentin. Most meds actually cause me stomach pain. I have a benign liver tumor and I swear that anything with Tylenol even small amounts makes it hurt and the only muscle relaxer that I can use also causes irritation. I am running out of options because NSAIDs cause acid reflux, high blood pressure and bleeding ulcers. That is one of the reasons that I try to make the docs find the source of any pain and if possible deal with it surgically or through diet. Thanks for any information.

And anything with codeine gives me headaches when it wears off. I really mostly prefer most pain to meds. The worst pain that I have had though was Eagles, so glad my surgery was mostly successful.

There are a few meds that do not have apap or acetaminophen in them, the problem is many are quite powerful, and as all of us who are on opiate related pain meds know, can be physically addictive. Here is a list of a few pain meds that I know off the bat do not have these liver irritable meds in them.

Morphine Sulfate, Dilaudid (Hydromorphone), Oxycontin, and Fentanyl.

I hate to really recommend these meds to anyone, with the exception of morphine sulfate, as the name carries more weight than the drug itself to a degree. But it may be possible to get put on a low dose of one of these medications. Fentanyl for instance is a transdermal drug, all drugs do get processed through the liver no matter the way that they are taken, however that would bypass your stomach. The problem is the lowest dose I know of is 25mcg patch which lasts for 72hrs, and equates to 2.5mg of morphine per hour every hour. There may be many drugs that do not have opiates in them that may work for pain, unfortunately I haven't run into any. Hope this helps emma.