Neurontin (Gabapentin)

I had an appointment with my doctor today and he wants me to try Neurontin (Gabapentin) to see if it will help. I've resisted taking drugs up to this point because of the side effects...just reading the info sheet that came from the pharmacy really makes me wonder if I did the right thing by agreeing to try it. Yikes! The doctor assured me that it's a very low dose to start (100 mg three times a day) and I shouldn't notice any side effects. I go back to the doctor in three weeks to let him know how I'm doing with it. Does anyone else take this drug? Do you have side effects from it?

I have taken it and it worked pretty well for the pain and I slept like a baby. I would ask your dr if you can take a lower dose and gradually work up over a few days. I found that lessened the wooziness you might feel. some people tolerate it really well, like my mom and a friend, but it made me too woozy and the switched me to trileptal. everyone is different. it is an easy medication and you deserve to give ot a try and see if you feel better!

I started taking this drug about 4 weeks ago. I also started with a very low dose, 100 at night to build to 3 times a day. It scared me also so after 4 days I stopped. When I saw my GP, he felt that it was a good idea to listen to the ENT and asked me to restart. I am now up to 3 times a day and don't seem to be having problems from it. I am also not feeling that it is helping anything either though. Not sure why you are taking it, mine is for headache that never goes away.

On another note, my husband took it years ago for a different reason, and within weeks his face and tongue went numb. A blood test showed that it was effecting his liver and was stopped right away. The doctor said that reaction was an allergy and not often the case.

Not working on the pain.It is helping me with attitude.Instead of sleeping I am keeping busy with the attacks every few minutes. Having hard time talking brings on the pain.

My tongue feels sore and a cough when it hsppens.

Hope and Ruthie, starting with a nightly dose sounds like a good idea!

The doctor wanted me to take it three times a day for three days to see how it would work. After that he said I continue to take it 3 times a day or I could take it as needed if I wanted. We're going to an amusement park tomorrow with our all of our kids and grandkids, so I'm going to wait and start it on Thursday when I'm at home.

Peachesgorilla, I'm finding that attitude plays a big part with this! If I sit around thinking about how awful I feel, I find that I feel even worse! I'm much better if I stay busy and think about other things.

Suzymc44 Have fun at the amusement park tomorrow. I can't even think of one never mind going! My dr. had me start with one 100 at night and move up as I was comfortable. I actually found that I could not sleep at night so I moved that pill to the morning. It helped which was a surprise because everything says it will make you sleepy but it did the opposite on me. I am now at 3 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. My dr. wants me to work up to 2 pills 3 times a day. He said that taking them just as needed does not give the full effect. With that being said, I am not taking them because of ES, but because of SCDS and migraines. so that may be the difference

Hi Ruthie,

I think gabapentin is one of the first medications doctors use for nerve type pain because it is pretty safe for most people. If you are suffering from migraines it could be hormonal or it could be made worse by certain foods and chemicals (like nutrasweet). My dr put me on Cymbalta for migraines, but I still get like one or two a year if I drink diet soda, or too much of a bunch of migraine triggering foods.

What is SCDS?



Hope, I am guilty of drinking way too much diet soda, and that would be my first thought on headache if I did not suffer them way longer than I started drinking diet soda. I went to diet about a year ago when I became diabetic, and it didn't increase the pain at all. Along with ES, I have Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome which is a hole in the semicircular canal of my ear. I really think ES and SCDS have to be some how connected and I hope to have it proven at some point. Until then, migrains are one of the symptoms of SCDS and that is why I am on gabapentin right now.

good luck with it all. sometimes it isn’t just one thing that’s a trigger but a combination over time. there are various causes for migraines but dietary triggers can make a difference. another one for me is oranges. i can eat one once in a while but not too long ago i just couldn’t eat enpugh of them and I got a bad migraine that lasted for days. I get exhausted sometimes trying to remember everything…

Day two on the Neurontin (Gabapentin). I'm being cautiously side effects that I can tell (so far) and it is definitely taking the edge off of my symptoms!

Gabapentin has helped some people, but not others. I took it for quite a while and didn't really have any bad side effects, but it didn't make much of a dent in my pain at all. I guess you can never tell until you try.

I am hoping for you that it will continue to cause no side effects and help with the symptoms. I am about three weeks back in and still have a headache, but it does have a bit of relief. I feel like my head may be a little clearer, but not necessarily my thinking. but those problems are caused more from my SCDS

I feel the same way really not working on the pain, but my attitude is a lot better. So sorry about your condition

heidemt said:

Gabapentin has helped some people, but not others. I took it for quite a while and didn’t really have any bad side effects, but it didn’t make much of a dent in my pain at all. I guess you can never tell until you try.