Does anyone know if there is a connection , eagles and crystal,calcium arthritis? I have been diagnosed with both.

Hi Emery!

I haven’t heard of calcium crystal arthritis but just Google searched it. Sounds painful! I hope you’re receiving treatment that is helping you be more comfortable. Interesting thought that ES could be related or vice versa. Hopefully someone else who’s better at research than I am will have some info for you.

In the meantime, so sorry another health problem has been added to your plate!

Second that- poor you! I know that there’ve been a few who’ve had probalems with calcification elsewhere, bone spurs etc., but not heard of that form of arthritis in anyone. Thinking of you :bouquet:

That’s interesting. I have been doing research re: to “why” some of us are prone to the calcification and I have found some connection with parathyroid dysfunction. Not sure if that is helpful. My daughter (at 20 yrs) is struggling with frequent kidney stones and Hashimoto’s ( as did I at her age) and I am hoping to figure out what we can do to help her metabolize calcium better so she can avoid potential Eagle’s. I will share any info that I get and perhaps it could be helpful. Good luck in the meantime!

When you say crystal arthritis, are you by chance talking about gout? The Uric acid builds up in joints causing excruciating pain and swelling and usually starts in lower extremities. Just wanted to check

Very observant of you, Candy-mac! Calcium crystal arthritis is also called “pseudogout”. Here’s a link that describes it:

Yes that is it.
It is painful forsure.
I am wondering if there is a link between the two.

I have had surgery on my left styloid, and I am waiting for the right .