My styloids only measure 2 cm. I am being told its the closeness between the styloid and the lateral process of C1, bilaterally. I think it’s my anatomy. Seeing Hepworth in July. There is compression of my IJV’s. Who has constipation and gut pain? It’s awful. I also have facial flushing when moving my head or looking down as well as in my upper arms. Thx…

The vagus nerve is often irritated by ES, so my guess is that your gut issues are at least in part coming from your vagus being unhappy. Gut pain is common w/ constipation.Try increasing the amount you drink in a day to 60-80 oz of non-caffeinated, non-sugary, non-alcoholic beverages as that may help reduce your constipation. The flacial flushing is a response to your trigeminal nerve being irritated. It seems that though your styloids aren’t extra long, the angle they’re growing &/or how thick they are, is causing some nerve irritation that is noted w/ ES.

Have you considered a visit to Dr. Costantino in NYC? He isn’t booking out as far as Dr. Hepworth & seems to have a good understanding of vascular ES. Might be worthwhile getting his opinion of your situation as well.

Thanks! You are a wealth of information!
I called Dr. Con station’s office this week. Unfortunately, he doesn’t take my insurance. On to Denver!