Styloids not that long?

I’ve been having a host of symptoms since early this year. The ent ct scan showed the styloids at only 3.1 and 3.2 cm. Is this still possibly an issue? The dr just said to come back in 2 months which seems like a blow off. He thought it was elongated styloids which is why he ordered the ct.
I learned to sort of live with one side as the symptoms faded to backround at times and i didnt move my arm too much or do physical work, but a couple days ago, i was laying down with my head flat on the bed laying back having a panic attack and yawning huge and pounding arteries… Now the other side is lit up big time. I’m anxious all day now to get this fixed. This whole deal is debilitating. Honestly.

The ‘average’ length of styloids is 2-2.5cms, so yours are elongated, although some doctors don’t consider that length to be particularly long…but there are research articles which show that it’s not just the length which causes symptoms, but can be the width & the angle as well. So that needs to be looked at on your CT too. Also some members have had quite long processes on the cervical vertebrae, & if the styloids are angled it can narrow the gap between the two, which compresses nerves & blood vessels. It sounds as though you could have vascular issues; a CT with contrast would show that if you could have a CT in the position where you had symptoms . We’re seeing more members now with possible Vagus nerve involvement; that can cause a wide range of symptoms such as heart arrhythmias, digestive issues & anxiety.
Not sure what you should do next- it’s a shame that the doctor you saw was aware enough of ES to consider it, but not aware that 3cms styloids can cause symptoms…you could wait for the 2 months, & go prepared with research papers showing that the angle can affect symptoms too, or could you see about getting a referral to someone with more ES experience? We have a list in the Doctors Info section- or is your doctor on the list?

Hi @Dam,

As Jules said so much can be going on beyond just the length, specifically nerve and vessel compromise. If your doctor is not thinking in this way it would be worth looking for a second opinion from another listed here. My styloid 100% occluded the internal jugular vein and severely compressed the vagus and glossopharyngeal nerves - my symptoms were all neurological, none of the classic facial or throat pain mentioned typically. This real, don’t stop looking until you find someone who is educated and will listen to you, ask specific questions about the other structures neighboring the styloid. Wishing you the best!


Hi Dam,

You should take a look at the ES Doctors list & choose a doctor from there to have address your symptoms. A CT scan will be the best diagnostic tool.

Here is the link for the US Doctors List: US Doctors Familiar With ES, 2019
You can use the magnifying glass icon to search for the doctors in your state by name. Posts where they are mentioned will come up.

I hope this info will lead you to a diagnosis one way or the other.

A 3D image of the styloid is even better. They could be thick or awkwardly pointed.Most imaging locations can do them for you mow.