Could I have Eagle syndrome?

Hi guy. Thanks For allowing me to join your group. For the last three weeks I have been getting click every time I swallow. My neck get sore and it radiate to both of my shoulders especially in the morning. Every time I my new neck suddenly, not fast, it sound like a little tick inside the neck. Is this a sign of Eagle’s? Could it be so thing else. Has anyone have these symptoms and turn out not to be Eagle’s? Thanks in advance.

Sorry about the typo. Every time I move my neck suddenly from a stationary position, not fast, I can hear the sound of a little tick inside the neck like tendon stress.

Very possible, Most people complain that they feel a spikey thing poking them in their neck and or tonsils and causes a lot of pain. I actually don't have that problem, my problem is mostly an unstable styloid ligament, maybe that is what you hear clicking. I would also suggest seeing a chiropractor to see if they can get your neck aligned as well, that can also help. I believe our alignment has alot to do with why we have these problems to begin with.


Welcome!!! The clicking in your neck could be what Jay C suggested: an unstable ligament. It may be tendon related like you mentioned or it could be musculature in nature, or bone. Whatever the cause is it should probably be evaluated by a medical professional. If you are due for a yearly physical, maybe this is a good time to schdule one? We all owe it to ourselves to take good care of our bodies! These are the only ones we're going to get :) Eagles is highly rare but it can happen to anyone, anywhere. The ironic thing is it can show up on your local dentist's panoramic x-ray! (We don't need to seek out high-tech specialists!) If you're suspicious, follow your instincts, be your own advocate and don't stop until you're satisfied! My case, pain and diagnosis took 20 years but here I am - one surgery down, one to go!! On the up and up, there is hope and relief! Always have hope :)