CT conversion

I have a macbook air is it possible to convert my CD to 3D?
My husband has a Macbook pro which has the disc place.
Any suggestions would be great.
I did try the radiAnt download on my macbook air from the posts but was unsuccessful.

I’m rubbish with technology, so sorry I can’t help…I hope that someone can!

Thanks Jules
I tried the slicer on the macbook pro.
I think I need the windows computer to follow the directions.
Will keep trying.
Thanks for all your replies.
I can tell you are so dedicated to helping others. Much appreciated!

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You may be able to find a program for Mac via Google. I also have a MacBook Air & my husband has the PRO. Pretty small world! Another option would be to ask the radiology clinic if they could provide you w/ some 3D images. My CT scan came w/ 4 3D images that were awesome!

Hello, I too have a MacBook and was successful in following the guidance provided by SnappleofDiscord. (See link below) It takes patience but just keep poking around and playing with it - you can’t harm your CD and it’s even easier if you download everything to your laptop and work from there. Also, if you put “3D slicer” into the search box on this amazing site you will see other helpful advice.

Good luck with everything.