Need Help With 3D Slicer

Hi. I have a CT scan on disc I’d like to convert to 3D. The file is .exe, and I don’t have DICOM files to work with. Is there a way to export the DICOM files/images so that I can create a 3D version? I’m trying to avoid getting a new scan done. My symptoms are progressing, and I’m afraid something is wrong. I am waiting to see a new doctor, but it will be months. I’m on my own and trying to investigate and see if my elongated styloids are causing issues. Thanks!

Hi! Did you see the new post “converting CT to 3D”?


Here’s the link (now you’ve gotten it twice!):

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I did, thanks! Unfortunately, I need the files on my disc to be a different format to even use the 3D slicer program. I had tried it before my post. I was hoping someone could help me get the images off the disc to be able to use the program.

Thank you! I’m very computer savvy so will give that a try later and let you know. I’m sure those files must be on there somewhere if the .exe can open/display them.

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I was able to extract the files. Unfortunately, it only came up with .data files, some .bmp and cursor files. There is one really large file in a “BINARY” folder but it doesn’t show an extension. I don’t think I have anything work with. I tried running RadiAnt, and it said it didn’t find any DICOM files.Thank you for the suggestion and directions!!

Great idea! That file doesn’t have an extension on it, but I was able to add .zip. Extracting produces a similar results of folders and not much content. All files in this one are small.

It opens TX Studio. For some reason it won’t load up right now. It starts but then doesn’t load. I had looked before and couldn’t find any kind of export. I’ll try a restart of computer to see if that opens it again.

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