Help / Instructions for Converting CT images to 3d (for Mac)

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First post! I’m newer here and mostly reading/lurking in background. I’m learning a lot from reading your stories and responses. I will share my story soon in another post.

For now, I wanted to ask: could anyone share or point me to other posts with instructions for converting images to 3D.

I found a couple older posts but not the ones I was looking for with the steps for making/viewing 3D images. I have my 2D dicom files from a recent CT that I’d like to view in 3D if possible. I use a Mac and have Osiris Lite, if those points help.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @A_Bluebird_Day -

Below is a link to an older program for converting CTs to 3D from our forum. However you might have better luck using the Bee Dicom Viewer App for Mac.

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@Isaiah_40_31 …I downloaded Bee Viewer to try to get a 3D rendering of my CT. I can open my DICOM files, but when I click on the 3D Viewer icon, this is what I get:

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

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Computer technology surely aint easy !

If you upload the DICOM files in the link below, you can anonymized them and upload the link here in this post and I will help you and then post 3D images here in this post.

  • Henrik

@DeeCeeNorth - I’m sorry to say that I refer people to Bee Dicom Viewer but have never used it myself so don’t know why that’s happening. It looks like it’s compressing your image rather than bringing it up in its full glory. Maybe someone else who’s used that app can offer to help, but I’m not sure who all are Mac users here.

The option @Henrik has offered above is also good, but I’ll warn you ahead, it can take awhile for your images to upload. I started mine before I went to bed one night & they were done in the morning when I got up. That way my computer wasn’t tied up for hours during the day.


Thank you, @Henrik and @Isaiah_40_31. I’m venturing into computer territory that is a bit intimidating to me! Thought I was following the directions correctly, but, yes… it looks like it’s there, but completely pancaked!

I will give the DICOM Library a shot. Thanks!


I hope I did this right (it did take a long time)! I sincerely appreciate any help anyone can offer. I would like to be able to send images of the IJV compression on the left side to my atlas orthoganol chiropractor, since there was C-1 involvement in the compression, along with the styloid (which is now gone).

Thanks, all!

The link won’t work for me, sorry :thinking:

The link also didn’t work for me. It just opens a blank window on my computer.

Yes… when I clicked on it, it was blank for me, too. I went back into Bee Viewer, poked around (not having a clue what I’m doing, lol!), and was able to see some 3-D images… Hallelujah! I sent these to my Atlas Orthoganol chiro, and would appreciate any insights from anyone here. Thank you!
(obviously these were taken before the bilateral styloidectomy)



It looks like you had pretty significant IJV compression on the left but also had some which looks less severe on the right. To me (not a doctor) it looks like your C1 was more to blame bilaterally than your styloids but certainly getting the styloid pressure off the anterior side of the IJVs should give them more space & possibly could allow them to expand.


Yes, quite a bit of compression on the left, you can see the collateral veins at the back of the head as well, so they might’ve been compensating a bit… @juliezuber has said that she was getting pain from collateral veins, so although they might help with blood flow, they can make pain worse!

Let us know how you get on with your chiro!