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Hi everyone!
New here… I was told by an ENT that my symptoms could be caused by Eagles syndrome after reviewing my CT Scan. She consulted with her partner and determined this was not the case. I have since created a 3D model using the Dicom images from the CT Scan and found some irregularity from the right styloid compared to the left. There is a small red protrusion hanging off the left process. I’m not expecting a diagnosis or anything but upon comparing the two could this be an indicator of this sort of issue?

Yes, we’re not doctors on here, so can’t give you a diagnosis…your styloids don’t look very long, although the angle of them can also cause symptoms, & yours do look quite angled, they are a little wide too. Not sure at all about the red bit you mention too, it could be an artefact maybe? I’ve not seen anything like that on a scan before. If you did decide to see someone for a second opinion, it might be worth asking them about the hyoid bone processes- yours look as though they could be a bit longer than usual, which could cause symptoms.
Did the injection you had help at all? Some doctors use this to diagnose ES.

Good job on converting your scans to 3D, greensco! I agree w/ what Jules said, your styloids are thick & your left one looks to be angling in toward your cervical vertebrae. It’s hard to tell for sure though. We have noted that it’s not always the length of the styloids but also how thick, angled, twisted or pointed they are that can play into whether or not a more normal length styloid might cause ES type symptoms. I also agree that the greater horns of your hyoid bone look long. Hyoid bone syndrome has very similar symptoms to ES. It would be good to look into both possibilities when pursuing a diagnosis.

There are a number of doctors on our list from your state. You can search our members’ comments about particular doctors by clicking on the magnifying glass icon above right & typing a doctor’s name into the search box then hit return. Links to any posts containing that doctor’s name will come up.

The injection seems to have helped a little. I sent a message to my ENT about it and She is suspecting hyoid issues as well.

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Let us know when you hear anything!

The symptoms have been better but Still not gone. She is suggesting another shot. Is there a different type of injection that may ne a more affective alternative ? I have created a new post addressing my current situation :neutral_face:

I posted a long-ish response on your hyoid bone syndrome thread. :blush:

The injections commonly used are lidocaine & steroids, not sure what you had?

I will check it out
I had lidocaine and steroid injection!

As far as I’m aware, that’s all that’s done, so it’s the best chance of an improvement…