CT Scan Soft Tissue

Hi guys,
Does Soft Tissue CT Scan show calcifications and measures them or is it better to do just a regular CT Scan (not soft tissue). Does anybody know what doctor Samji orders as far as CT Scan (SOFT TISSUE or regular CT to measure calcifications?)

Hi Cali,

Both CT scans show calcification but in a CT scan with contrast media some boney structures might be hidden by blood vessels, especially in 3D view. You can not see vessels in CT scans without contrast.

Here are the requirements Dr Samjis assistant recently sent me:

1. Measurement of the Styloid on CT scan (head and neck w/out contrast) - No others scans are acceptable. If you do not have this scan yet, you will need to request this from your Primary Care provider. We can not order the scan for you, as you are not an established patient to us yet.

2. Official radiology report and CD of scan

3. Brief summary of your symptoms

4. Fill out patient health form and send back to us ( can be found on our website)

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Thank you for your response. When did they send you that list?

My pleasure. …In Oct last year. You can also shoot his assistant an email. Usually she answers within few minutes or hours. Good luck.