Calcification of styloid/ vascular issues

hi, thanks to all for being so helpful in my recent posts. Question - any thoughts as to if a panorex x ray or a 3d ct scan would show calcification better? I had the regular ct scan (not 3d) and was told that my styloids aren't elongated, so I want to get the right test to see if it's calcification that's causing all the symptoms.

Also, any thoughts as to what the right test would be to see if the styloids are pressing on a vasular structure? Worried about this since I have so many headaches.

found out I had Eagl syndrome by a fluke. Went to orthodontist, I had been told my jaw was deformed, my teeth getting more crooked as I get older. Always jaw hurt and felt like swollen glands and ear pain! They did a 3 d scan and he said Looks like I have Eagle syndrom! He Contacted my family Dr! My Dr. Never heard of Eagle syndrom! He sent me to ent! This ent had heard of it! Not very aggressive! So I looked up Dr who preformed prior surgeries! I had surgery over 3 weeks ago! Dr apt tomorrow!

Still having some pain on my right side mostly in my throat too!

I have a picture of my calsafied tendons,wanted to keep them Dr said he wasn’t alowed , so texted me a picture!

The best test I think to show if there's any compression of blood vessels would be a CT with contrast (venogram)- they put a dye into your bloodstream and then do the CT so all blood vessels will show up.

I'm getting a CT scan tomorrow - the ENT said contrast was not necessary cause they are looking for " bones" - this particular ENT doesn't believe in the vascular type or he may just believe they are one in the same ...not sure. I'm pretty sure I have a vascular type condition and am concerned that they might not catch all that they need to catch. I'm seeing a neuro on Thursday and I guess I need to ask for an MRI w/ contrast to catch the vascular issues?

eddieh İ had a MR angiography and an angiography is with conrast. But this shows at the other hand no bones only the veins. İ think it shows a narrowing or a calcification of the veins. MR angio didn’t show a touch with bones perhaps a heavy compression. İ think a CT with contrast is the right scan for vascular issues as Jules says.

Teo, I thought CT w/ contrast was the best scan also. This ENT wasn't going to allow the contrast so I just went with it. I'll just have to hope for the best w/o contrast. From reading some of these posts it seems like surgery is sometimes the only way to find out what all is really going on.

From what I’ve read on here, your ct scan should be the 3d version, will show the styloid process the best.

I saw a neurologist yesterday and discussed the vascular issue - she ordered a MRI of the neck and head to look at the veins and carotid atery, without contrast. The prescription for it actually says "MRA and MRV."

Any thoughts as to if I get these if they will show any compression for the carotid artery and any other blood vessels?

I googled them to look up the difference! I think it should show you're arteries/ veins okay, and will hopefully reveal any problems!

I just had a 3D MRA and it showed the styloids nicely and the right one is wrapped around my external carotid and is the cause of all my issues. Most surely vascular eagles as confirmed by radiologist, and vascular neurologist. The neuro dr is calling the ENT this am to insist surgery. Finally!


Really pleased that you've got confirmation from your scans and hope that you get a date for your op soon. Hope it all goes well, keep us informed!

wow - i did not know you could get an MRA in 3D.

I thought only a CT would show in 3d? Is that something your dr. ordered or was it just done automatically?

I had a 3D CTA- sorry for the confusion.