CTA Head and Neck + Attempt at 3D Reconstruction + Introduction

@AdamLeavesEden based on the 3D images, @Henrik posted for you, your right styloid is quite thick & elongated & looks like it’s broken. The longer section which has broken off is dislocated posteriorly (toward the back of your neck) from the main styloid (attached to your skull base). The left styloid is also significantly elongated & has an “elbow” which angles the styloid inward. If I could download your images, I’d annotate them to show you what I’m talking about, but I can’t download them the way they’re posted.

You have lost the curve in your cervical spine which can also cause symptoms because that puts the spine out of balance. There are some simple exercises you can do to help restore the cervical lordotic curve. @vdm has posted quite a number of YouTube & other PT links to help restore muscle & cervical balance here: