Decompression of jugular vein

Does anyone know what they actually do when they decompress the jugular vein? My surgeon said he believes my jugular will open back up on it's over after styloidectomy, but said if it does not, he will make sure it does by decompressing it.

I was like a deer in the headlights, so didn't ask how that is done, I was just happy he is going to address it.

I will of course, ask him at my pre-op appointment, but searching the term does not bring up much info.

Are you saying that your Jugular is currently decompressed? And that your doctor assumes that after the styloidectomy is done that it will open back on its own? Or are you saying that your doctor wants to decompress your jugular vein to do the surgery? If the latter is true, that seems insane to me, granted I am not a doctor but I don't believe anyone here who has had the surgery has had their surgeon decompress one of the two most major arteries in their body and "hope" it opens back up afterward. I would honestly be concerned about that and seek another opinion from another surgeon to see if it is a commonly known practice and what risks are associated with it. Good luck

That's impressive, never seen a pic like that, very cool. I assume you have been diagnosed with vascular eagle's then.

This was CTA in the venous phase. I have symptoms of both types of Eagles. No one is calling it "vascular" per say.

Wow. If this happens does that mean you need a surgery straight away? What the symptoms of vast ulnar eagle’s?

Well, it is not an emergency, but has been ruining my life for years. I only found out about my styloids in the above image in September. Been chasing down docs and tests since.

Vascular Eagles (and not all ENTs will call it that) symptoms include: (I know it's Wiki, but good explanations)

I understand what you said, I have no idea how they would decompress it if they had too. Will be interested in finding out.

Who is your surgeon. Actually sounds like he knows exactly what he is doing?

Did the surgeon say if its possible to have balloon angioplasty(not a stent)afterwards. Do you have an interventional cardiologist to ask? I know angioplasties balloons &/ stent are done on arteries but not sure if it can be on the veins. It’s been about 7 years since I have worked in the Cath lab. I can ask my friend, if you like.

Hi Kitty9309,

Happy to read that you are finding Drs. that are working with you!

Been keeping you in my prayers :)

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Thank you , Sheila!

Magoo- Good to know. My cardio told me to be very cautious regarding my veins. I also have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which can make them extra fragile. I knew the stents could migrate but did not know it was only a risk in the first weeks. Thanks for that info.