Dentist in NYC/NY/NJ/CT familiar with ES?

Hi all,

I’ve got some teeth issues that definitely don’t have anything to do with ES (cracked tooth, need a cap, etc.) and some that may or may not have to do with ES (pain in teeth with previous root canals). Either way, I haven’t been to the dentist since I’ve been diagnosed with ES and I’m dreading explaining the whole thing. Plus my dentist was wholly unhelpful during my diagnostic process even though my styloid was clearly visible on my pano Xray.

So, wondering if any of you who live in the NJ/NYC/CT area have any dentist recommendations? I’m in Brooklyn but am definitely willing to travel for a unicorn dentist!

Thanks so much!


No helpful recommendations as my lovely dentist is in the UK! But the day before any dentist & the day or 2 after, I do increase my nerve pain medication which helps because these visits do flare it up- I’m sorry, I can’t remember if you’re on any meds too? But just wanted to share what helps. I hope you find someone helpful, best wishes!

Before I had surgery for both sides external (separately) I saw my dentist because I had severe cheek and tooth pain. I told him I had ES and he said he had no clue what it was. When I went in for a follow up he did research on ES and was a believer. I needed dental work and possible root canal but he said let’s wait until after my surgery. He wanted to see if the surgery relieved my pain. Not only does he now understand what ES is but he’s also the kind of dentist that doesn’t push for treatments.

Dr. Lutwak on Ocean Parkway and Church Avenue in Brooklyn. I highly recommend him. Good luck.


@BrooklynGirl, thank you SO much for this. That is exactly what I’m looking for - I want a thoughtful provider who understands that ES might be a factor. I don’t need doctors to know everything but I do need them to do their research, learn new things and believe their patients. I’ll be giving him a call for sure! AND his office is right down the street from me! Perhaps you and I are neighbors!

Thanks again!


Im in CT. I traveled to NYC to an LVI dentist. You can look to see if there is one in your area. They are experts and greatly helped me. I had TMJ which caused eagles.

We are close! I live near the Chruch Ave F/G station Albemarle entrance. I want to say let’s meet for coffee, but for a momentary lapse I forgot we were in a pandemic. (send me a private message so we can chat more.)

I am seeing him tomorrow morning. I’ll tell him to keep an eye out for you.

Stay safe.

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I have a few suggestions for the dentist.
Plan treatment over time. My Eagle Syndrome did not cause me any pain until I went to the dentist. During my treatment for a filling my tooth broke and the dentist prodded me to stay longer so that it could be fixed. Little did I know the several hour appointment damaged my trigeminal nerve and now I suffer with pain yearly. Make sure your muscles are relaxed, I actually take a muscle relaxant now when I have my teeth cleaned and use heat packs on neck and shoulders when I get home.