Deviation Jaw/ Postural Imbalance..... tmjd or eagle?

Can Eagle Syndrome cause a deviation of the jaw? I have seen three surgeons and they said because of the deviation of my jaw that i have a tmjd and not eagle!!! How to tell the difference between tmjd and eagle?

I’ve never heard of anyone with deviation of the jaw, but a lot of members have had TMJD. Some members have had a lot of treatment for it unsuccessfully before getting the ES diagnosis. The only way you could possibly tell if it’s ES is by a lidocaine/ steroid injection into the area around the styloid process; some doctors use this to diagnose ES, if it helps with the pain, then that can confirm it. Some members have surgery for ES then wait to see if their symptoms ease!
From what I’ve read TMJD isn’t always easy to diagnose either- sometimes it’s diagnosed after other things have been ruled out because doctors don’t know what else it could be!
Sorry I can’t be more helpful, perhaps others with TMJD experience can chip in!

ok thank you very much!
And what about that please???

There is a possible relation between this posture and

My guess is that you might have scoliosis. Have you ever had your spine checked to see if it is straight or if you have a misalignment of your spine?
Scoliosis can be a hereditary problem or one caused by overuse of one side of your body.

It is sheer randomness that I landed here on this post or on this site for that matter. I haven’t been here in a while. However if anyone wants to discuss this further I unfortunately have had my life dominated by this subject. It was the tmj specialist I saw that brought to my attention what could be ESP. As of right now I believe it is calcification of the ligaments. What I have learned about the alignment of the teeth and therefore function of the jaw is more than my brain can handle. More so the fact that I am one of who knows how many people who have suffered tremendously due to a lack of knowledge and downright denial from the dental industry. As with so many things it sadly comes down to ego, money, and power.

Anyhoo I am in the process of finding a way to heal my body (thankfully there is help but have to manifest the means to proceed). Absolutely without a doubt spinal alignment comes into play with the jaw. It’s all connected. All I can emphasize is don’t hand your power over to anyone, it is your body and you must take in the information that is given to you and weigh it with what you know to be true for yourself. If I had listened to a doctor’s “certainty” about my body I would have ended up having a neck surgery that added to my problems instead of fixing them.

Sending Serene Vibes!

I too had have jaw pain and clicking sounds on jaw joints when I open my mouth. I too that this was TMJ. I went to a dentist and took Xray to find that my jaw was normal but later found that I have ES and that’s the end of it.Still having it. but that’s my story.

I have ES and just had surgery on right side. However I too have TMJ disease with total loss of cartilage and condyle bones, caused by rheumatoid arthritis. The oral surgeon said I needed a total bilateral jaw replacement, however I have nickel allergies, so can’t be done. Consequently my lower jaw has pulled back and up causing a severe malocclusion. I’m not sure if this is what your doctor means by jaw deviation. A ct-scan ordered to look at these two areas by the right doctor and preferably by someone who can actually read the scan themselves, can tell if you truly have TMJD and also calcified and elongated styloid ligaments.

Wishing you the best of luck and a rapid diagnosis.