Diagnosis run-around

Since my two surgeries ten years ago, I have had reoccurring symptoms on and off that never inhibited my life (they were just an uncomfortable nuisance.) That was true until Saturday. It is so disheartening to be experiencing symptoms that have stopped me in my tracks for a third time. Finding this support group is fantastic. I would love to hear any insights people would be willing to share.

I am following up w/my original surgeon, but I feel like I am getting the run around. I feel confident about what is happening to me now is all related to Eagle's Syndrome, but my doctor is very conservative and is not convinced as I am. During my last visit (about three years ago) he told me that the styloids can not regrow. The research I have found online since then says that it can! I have to trust my instincts and believe in what I know about my experience.

When I visited my surgeon on Monday, he put me on antacids and an oral steroid. Following that, I was able to get in for a 3D head scan. From what I could see, the right styloid is longer than the left one. I also was referred to a vascular surgeon to get a sonogram of the carotid today. It looked fine, but after I got home and reviewed a case study about carotid artery involvement, I realized I didn't have my head in the right position for the interference to be detected. I spoke to the doctor about it over the phone. He recommended just keeping it in mind for the next time (if I need to have it redone.) He also recommended me seeing a Neuro-Opthalmologist.

And that's it! I am waiting for the next appointment...waiting for my voice to return to normal, for my vision to not be blurry, the tingly numbness in my ear and face to go away (though that has gotten better since Sat.) for the pain, pressure and stiffness in my neck to subside. Until then, I can not return to work.

Any words of advice are welcome. Thank you!