Do I need to worry about my thyroid gland if I have ES?


I’ve read that a lot of people on here have had thyroid problems like nodules — even some with thyroid cancer — in addition the ES. From what I can tell, many users think there is some sort of link between the two conditions due to improper calcium regulation.

My supposed ES is mild, and because it doesn’t affect me day-to-day, I’ve decided to leave it alone for the time being. However, I’m now concerned that because I likely have ES, I may also likely have thyroid nodules.

I don’t have any such symptoms of anything to do with the thyroid or hyperparathyroid, and I’m only 25 so not exactly in a high risk group for cancer, but this has set my health anxiety off. My worry is that if I have ES, I may also have calcified nodules that could turn into cancer later.

Is this something I should be concerned of or need to look into? Many thanks.

Not everyone has thyroid nodules, it’s just something a few have noticed & wondered if there were any connections. It’s certainly not given that you’ll have both, & even if you did most thyroid nodules are harmless anyway, & you don’t have symptoms… It would be likely that if you had any nodules they could’ve been seen or felt when you’ve had whatever testing you had to get the ES diagnosis, so try not to think about it & enjoy life!


I totally agree w/ what Jules said. I do have thyroid nodules & have had them for many years. They have never become cancerous & I don’t think they have anything to do with my ES. I believe I ended up with ES because of a whiplash injury I suffered when I was 23 when another car rear-ended my car while I was stopped in traffic. I’d also had a head injury from a cycling accident about 10 years earlier which means I’d had two traumatic events that could have stimulated elongation of my styloids.


I have ES and thyroid nodules that were biopsied and inconclusive I also have kidney stones frequently and calcium have calcium deposits in my spleen, left breast , left knee and my neck all on left side my es is elongated styloid calcified stylohyoid ligament and internal jugular compression I sometimes wonder if I have a parathyroid problem since I have kidney stones…not sure related to my es though… I am having surgery may 18 with Dr Hepworth…


It would be worthwhile having an appt w/ an endocrinologist to get your parathyroid checked. There may be other contributing factors that a doctor in that specialty might be able to pinpoint to help you. In the meantime, I’m so glad your ES surgery is soon. At least one big problem will be put behind you then.


Thank you Isaiah for that information I have suspected hyperparathyroid for many years have been to many endocrinologist they only go by blood tests and they are always normal but I do have most of symptoms have had kidney stones on and off since 1982 now they say I might have high oxalates good look finding urologist who know anything about them…another rare disease, lol well first things first the es surgery might correct a lot of things… hugs


Great news that you have a surgery date! Will be praying for you :pray: :pray:

Thank you Jules

Thank you all for the information and reassurances.

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Hi @Greatpersun,

I have on my calendar that your surgery is tomorrow. Just want you to know I’ll be praying that all goes perfectly! :hugs:

God Bless and hope that your surgery goes well :pray: :pray: :hugs: