Doctor List and Possible Surgeon

Hello friends,

I think I may have found a surgeon who can do a jugular decompression for my occluded C5-C6 jugulars on both left and right, and possibly a C1 shave. The doctor’s name is Moustafa Mourad in New York, NY and he is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon as well as being an otolaryngologist. I am waiting to send my radiology imaging to him since he wants an updated CTA head neck with venous phase. My previous imaging suggests that my carotid sheath is causing the issue, which means I need a surgeon who can do a fasciotomy.

I was hoping to see if he was on the doctor’s list, but I cannot locate the up-to-date version of that document. Would someone happen to know if Dr. Mourad has done successful jugular decompressions on patients in this group or know if he is known to help vascular eagles? He seems to be primarily centered around rhinoplasty, and I found him when I was looking into getting a deviated septum corrected and I mentioned my jugular venous outflow disorder to him. He said he has done surgeries for jugular decompression, yet I don’t see any reviews and if they were successful. He does seem to be very informed about this disease and knows what tests to order and what he is looking for as far as what to decompress when he gets patients with this issue. It’s nice to possibly have another option since Costantino and Hepworth are usually the only options I hear about.

Please let me know if you know anyone who has had experience with him and could guide me through what to expect.


I’m sorry you had trouble finding our most recent Doctors List. The link is on our homepage i.e click on the white butterfly avatar in the upper left corner of this page & scroll down to Symptoms & Treatments. You’ll find it there. Our home page is a treasure trove of links to lots of the information & research papers we have on this forum.

Because I’m nice (:yum:) I’ll save you the effort of a search & post it here:

Regarding Dr. Mourad, he’s not on our Doctors List which is probably why you can’t find anything about him on here. We suspect there are talented & experienced ES & vascular ES surgeons whom we don’t have on our list, but we rely on our members to give us the names of doctors they see who provide good support & good surgical results & his name hasn’t come up yet. Once we have a referral to a doctor who has provided helpful service for a member, we add him/her to our list.

If you decide to have Dr. Mourad do your surgery, & you feel he’s helped you, we’d be more than happy to add him. We are always looking for good ES surgeons to keep our list up to date. The fact that he does IJV decompression is even more interesting as we’d love to have more doctors with that type of experience to refer our members to. He does sound qualified from what he’s told you, but unfortunately, I don’t know where to suggest you look to find out more information about his ES experience. If you’re on the FB ES group, they also have a list of doctors that has names we don’t have on ours so that is one possible resource. I’m not on there so can’t offer help that way.


Thank you Isaiah!

I will update you when I have more information, which may be a while since my next step is to get that CTA done and then get the results mailed out.


Be sure to vet your surgeons well and ask very important questions. There’s not many who have a lot of experience and from my research, they should have 75-100 surgeries under their belt. I have not heard of him and I am in a few groups. I would also get a minimum of at least one other opinion. Best of luck!


Please use doctor Constantino in NYC. He just did my surgery a week ago and does C1 shaves along with all of the other decompression things. He is a phenomenal doctor. Let me know if you have any questions and I’m happy to answer.


That was revision if I remember correctly wasn’t?

Yes, mine was a revision and much needed! He also did the fasciotimy that he is looking for so I think Constantino would a great choice.


It seems there might be so many variables in this condition. I remember we discussed the Hackman’s approach either here or on FB, and in my case I can see my IJVs expanded to some (normal?) extent.
Sorry to hear you had to got for another round, but glad it helped (?)