Update on my shenanigans

Venogram showed left jugular compression again, I’m seeing Dr Ondrey on 22nd November hoping he will operate, Dr Karam is leaving my TOS for now im hoping it resolves after Eagle surgery as pt is definitely helping, fingers crossed that Ondrey decides to help me.


Please make sure Dr. Ondrey knows abt your IJV compression & the need to remove the styloid as close to the skull base as possible so the jugular can be set free. You should have a discussion with him about C-1’s role in the compression. In the event that compression is coming more from C-1, ask how he would handle that i.e. have a vascular surgeon assist, or deal with it himself, & if so, what would he do.


Good that the PT is helping your TOS symptoms…hope that Dr Ondrey can help! Let us know how your appt goes :+1:

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