Dr. Appointment

So I was just evaluated. He will be cutting both sides and removing the remainder of the styloids. He said If they go in and break them in the middle like they did mine last year they can grow back. We will have to schedule the surgery for later. So looks like in a couple weeks we’ll be making another trip down here. He can’t do it tomorrow. Corey thank you so much for telling me about Dr. P. He remembers you well. Never never never let a surgeon break your styloids!!! If you can go to see Dr. Pirgousis in Jacksonville do it he’s awesome!!!

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Really pleased for you Teri that he’s willing to operate! Sorry you have to wait, and make the trip again, but it’ll be worth it! Let us know when you have a new date!

I just saw Dr. P and I am set for surgery in 2 months.
How was your recovery? How are you doing now?