Dr. Gewertz in SOCAL

Hello! I was just wondering if anyone has had direct experience with Dr. Bruce Gewertz in Los Angeles? I see him on the ES Surgery list, I called all of them on there near me, he is the only doctor who can get me in for a second opinion sooner rather than later. I’d love to correspond with someone who had the surgery performed by him. Hopefully happy success stories :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Please message me directly if you have had experience with Dr. Gewertz! Thank you!!!

Hey FlyAway (no, don’t fly away … we’re glad that you are here!)

One of the very best things about this community is the ability to share information about doctors, and we encourage our members to do so. However, I must draw your attention to our Site Etiquette, and the fact that we do not allow negative reports about doctors to be posted publicly.

Practitioner Reviews: We welcome and encourage personal comment or reviews of hospitals or doctors (by name, specialty and location) with whom you have had a positive experience or outcome. To keep our community supportive and positive, and due to fairness, legal and other concerns, we cannot support negative reviews of practitioners by name in the public forums of the site.

That said, the Private Messaging on this platform works really well: Click on the person’s avatar, and then on the blue “message” button. Voi-LA!

My apology!! I was not stating anything bad, simply requesting a review. Next time I will be sure to emphasize a private message, and for this post I did go and edit my wording. Thank you so so so much for the kind feedback!

Not at all, FlyAway! Your post is entirely appropriate. No problem! In fact, positive reviews should be public because they are generally encouraging and because a good doctor deserves to have great things said about them.

My post was more for the people who might answer your post. I wanted to head off needing to delete negative comments that could be made by private message instead.

I hope you get lots of information!