Dr Hackman Second Opinion

I have sent in all of my stuff to Dr Hackman from my styloidectomy back in October. Still no relief of headaches so I am preparing for next steps in the near future. Hopefully I can get a visit with Hackman soon and look into a revision surgery.

I had a question about Hackman - why does he have two cuts for his surgery? Most others appear to be just the one. The one by the ear is different than what I had on my styloidectomy and hope someone might be able to clarify. Also, any additional potential issues with the way he does it that might hinder recovery? Any feedback is appreciated!


Hello! Dr Hackman does the 2 cut approach with his surgery so that he can more easily cut the styloid to the skull base. The 2nd cut is so that he can more safely monitor the nerves as he removes styloid. Less risk of issues.
I had bi lateral surgery with Dr H on October 28th. I still have some right side paralysis and numbness around my neck / ears. I am having some challenges with the stitches Dr Hackman used but that’s just me. Everyone is different.
I’m not as savvy with the technical terms as my other friends are here. So I am hoping they will chime in :relaxed:

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