Surgery scheduled for both sides with Dr Hackman

Hi! I’m pretty new to the group, but wanted to pick some brains after scheduling my surgery for this coming March.
I had a positive eagle syndrome diagnosis and have been seeing Dr Hackman as he’s local to me, and I’ve read about him on this blog.
Both styloid processes need to be reduced and Dr Hackman plans to cut them quite high up, which I’ve read is a good thing to do.
He said he now goes in through two incisions per side, by the ear and under the throat/neck areas.
I need both sides doing as they are severely elongated on both. At first I was opting to do one at a time, but my circumstances with young children makes surgery recovery already a big ordeal, so my husband and I decided to do it all in one sitting!!
I’m really looking for any advice from people who have had both sides done, and any realistic expectations for the recovery as it feel the doctors and nurses are a little vague about it!
Thanks so much for any input.

Still open to receiving any advice or experiences from others who have had both sides done, possibly by Dr Hackman, and how the recovery has been.
Theoretically I have surgery booked for the end of this month, but I’m hesitating after reading a lot of worrisome notes about efficacy and personal experiences on this blog. Looking for some honest and up to date advice from anyone who has done this already! Thanks so much.

Hi Zoe
I saw Dr Hackman this past week and am waiting for Patricia to call to schedule the bilateral surgery.
Sounds like we both are going to have the same procedure. He said he will try to both sides on the same day with the dual incisions. He said he would use his discretion once in there if he could get both done.
I am wondering about any advice also.

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@Zoe, are you able to respond to this thread?


Hi! I’ve tried to respond but the admin said this post had been deleted?

Great!! It let me reply today!!
I still haven’t received any feedback from other with regards to gaining any advice from others who have experienced doing both sides in one surgery, with Dr Hackman.