Dr Hackman's surgical technique

Those who had uni/bilateral surgery with Dr Hackman, what side effects did you notice likely caused by the incision in front of the ears?.. short-lasting, long-lasting, likely-permanent?


I’m almost 6 weeks out and still experiencing a lot of soreness and pressure around my TMJ. It kinda feels like there’s a balloon in there and it’s being inflated. It seems to get a tiny bit better every week, but day to day it fluctuates between okay to really hurting again.

I am also fairly certain some nerves are acting up as I have tingling and burning on my scalp and just last night the inside of my nose felt like it was punched and on fire.

Something I am not 100% sure about is if Dr Hackman subluxated the jaw. When I spoke to his assistant surgeon I think he said he does but I didn’t see any mention of it on the surgical notes and I never got around to asking Dr hackman himself.

With all that being said, if you’re looking for styloid removal to skull base, I still think Dr Hackman is one of the best.


Hi Elijah I’m glad you are doing ok so far with your surgery. I wanted to ask you if you had tinnitus?
I am currently seeing Dr. Hackman.

I would like to know this as well. Thank you for posting, I hope more patients respond.

Hi Elijah, I want to know if you had tinnitus also.

I had regular tinnitus, not pulsatile. It got a little better since surgery but I do believe the surgery itself can impact it so I need to give it more time before I can really know how it is. It was never that bad for me and all my worst symptoms have resolved.