Dr. Milligan in Phoenix

Hello All,

Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Milligan in Phoenix and can you please share any insights. Thanks !!!

If you type in his name in the search engine (of this page) it will come up. Takes a few months to get an appointment. I never had an appt with him - researched him quite a bit. Had appt, but two other places in AZ confirmed diagnosis and offered surgery before I could get into him.

I called his office last week and asked when I could get in for a surgery consult. They said it would be June. I also asked how many surgeries he had done specifically for ES. His assistant asked him and replied that he does on average 10 per year and has done approximately 300 over the course of his career. Sounds like he might be worth a try if you can wait that long. His reviews online are very good.

Hello, I am in AZ and was wondering where you went to get diagnosed/have surgery? Thank you!

Hi Diana.

I have been to multiple drs. 4 in fact for Eagles syndrome. I know there is one in Arizona. Let me look for his name. Someone else on the site used him. I have been to Dr. Cognetti in Philadelphia and am have a styloiectomy done by Dr. Samji on 3/25. I chose him because of his training and the fact that he has done 300 of these procedures.

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HI, This is a note I received from a member of the site who was operated on in AZ. I hope this helps. Maybe you can ask them about their experience and I know she posted a bunch of information on the site.

Wishing you well and please feel free to reach out if I can help.

February 5
I went to Mayo in AZ, saw Dr. Richard Hayden & Dr. Gregory Neel. They were great, but getting in was really hard. I had tried before (twice) and was turned away.

What state are you in?

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Hi Diana11,

Dr. Milligan in Phoenix has done about the same number of ES surgeries as Dr. Samji. He is very experienced. You can privately email BanDruid7 to discuss her experience w/ Dr. Milligan. She was very pleased with him & the outcome of her surgery.

Thank you for your reply!

Hello all, Isaiah_40_31, I am so glad you are keeping up. When I was researching this forum, I do remember the great report someone had of Dr. Milligan. I believe he is an excellent choice for someone to try to see him. I am sorry it takes us so long to see these doctors, but I know most of them are busy with cancer patients and some are teaching as well. The wait is well worth it and in the meantime, we can send records to more than one doctor, but for those of you in or near Phoenix, I can also add that waiting to see someone who is qualified and near your home is a plus. Good luck Diana11.