Phoenix, AZ

Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows of an experienced doctor that deals with Eagle's in Phoenix, Arizona? My ENT has performed a handful but he didn't seem to keen on moving forward with surgery on me, despite the CT scans that I had that confirm bilateral calcification and elongation of the styloids. I'd like to get additional opinions.

Hi Bryceandbrit,

Sustain is correct. Dr, Milligan is truly compassionate and is a true blessing. I live in the valley. I just had my right side removed July 17th and he will be removing my left one at a later date to be determined. He is also going to fix my septum with a nice bone spur so I can breath through my nose again. He has also done a couple procedures on another member on this site concerning ES. I found her on here after making an appointment with him. She had nothing but positive things to say as well.

Before I made my appointment I researched and read as many medical articles I could about him. I interviewed his nurse/assistant at the time and one the front desk ladies on the phone. I made several calls before scheduling. I had enough bad doctors appointments I did not need another one. God Bless them all for always answering my questions and concerns.

The day of my procedure the staff at the hospital had nothing but great things to say about him without me asking or saying anything. My anesthesiologist LOVE'S him. He is the ENT for her kids and her sister. She did not go into detail but said her sister had something rare too not ES. She said he is an amazing doctor and he seems to know all about the rare diseases. She said I was in great hands. I told her I agreed. I did inform his assistant that I was going to make him the AZ Rock Star for ES. He has 2 locations in the valley. He does the external route only. Which is what I wanted. If you would like more information please send me a message.

Best wishes and take care.