Dr. Stephen Hernandez

I have been referred to Dr. stoephen Hernandez in Louisiana.does anyone know anything about this Doctor Olol head and neck center…? Thx


There’s no mention of him in any previous discussions, hopefully someone will chip in!
anichols asked about him recently, but no reply! Sorry Tim, looking at several different discussions open at the same time, forgive my dotty brain!
Here’s the Doctors Info list:
US Doctors Familiar With ES, Current List - Symptoms and Treatments / Doctor Information - Living with Eagle
There’s a Dr Nuss on our list who has done some successful surgeries.

I tried to get in with Knuss but they said he’s not taking patients :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear the news about Dr. Nuss, Tim. I will make a note by his name. I hope he isn’t preparing to retire. Hopefully he will start taking new patients again in the future.


Looks like someone just had surgery with him.


Dr. Hernandez only do internal surgery. He is new dr n cant do external. U can tey go to dr. Samji, dr. Hepworth or dr. Old in ohio.
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Sorry, Tim, I did not see this.

Dr. Hernandez isn’t a new Dr. He has been one for 8+ years, but it is true that he will not do external surgery. He did mine internally. I tried to get him to do it externally. He was only able to remove a small portion of my styloid on my left side. It has helped a little bit, but unfortunately I still have pain. Only thing that has eased up some is I feel a bit less of a stabbing sensation in the back of my tongue and a little less pain in my face. He is a good Doctor, though. I didn’t have any issues with recovery at all.

Thank you for the information about Dr. Hernandez. I’m glad your recovery has gone well, anichols, but I’m sorry you still have some symptoms. Unfortunately, that is often the case when the whole styloid isn’t removed. If your symptoms become more troublesome, you may need to look into traveling to see another doctor who can remove more of the styloid. I hope, however, that over time, your symptoms continue to reduce & go away. :hugs:

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