Does Dr. Nuss still do surgery?

Has anyone had any recent updates on Dr.Nuss? Does anyone know if he’s still doing surgery? Or if there’s anyone in Texas that’s able to do it to skull base yet?

I believe he does, but we’ve learned from some other members that you need to see him for a secondary problem like sinus trouble or tinnitus or some other ENT related problem in order to get an appointment. Once you’ve got your foot in the door, you can mention to him that you have ES, & he will hopefully offer to do surgery for you.
There is another doctor in Baton Rouge who does ES surgery - Dr. Hernandez. One of our members recently had surgery done by him & still recovering but seems happy with her results so far.
We have not learned of anyone new in TX to add to our list. So sorry!

•Dr. Stephen Hernandez, 4950 Essen Ln # 400, Baton Rouge, LA 70809, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, (225) 765-1765,

Thank you so much for letting me know. I will definitely try to get in the door with a different issue. Do you know if Dr. Hernandez removes both sides and to skull base? Thank you again!

Neither Dr. Nuss now Dr. Hernandez do bilateral surgery in one surgery. Both require two surgeries for bilateral ES. I believe both try to remove at skull base whenever possible.

Oh wow. For some reason I thought they did bilateral. Well luckily I only need one side done so that’s good. That is also good that they try to remove the entire thing. I have vascular compression so I’m trying to get the best outcome possible. Thank you again❤️

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Yes. Dr Hernandez is great from his demeanor to his Surgical skills. .highly recommend. 30 days out of surgery by Dr Hernendez.


Everyone different I have bilateral syloid and Dr Hernandez did my left side first 30 days ago .Dr Hernandez is a very careful Dr.I had skull base


That’s amazing! I’m so glad he did a good job! It’s amazing he goes all the way down to the skull base. How are you feeling?

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Hey Casey I still have my right styloid once Dr Hernandez did my left side. My head feels great.I still have ear and face issues . My styloids was kinda long .

Im 4 weeks out so still healing

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My incision was behind my ear. Its healing very tender area.everyone different but to get the base Dr Hernandez we down my ear thur the back

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That’s great. That sounds like a great incision place. Did you have any problems after with swallowing or nerve damage? Your symptoms seem to be gone from Eagles?

WOW! Those styloids are massive! Did he remove both or just one?

HI, I just happened to log on. I do not know, Dr Hernandez, but I suspect he is normally a cancer doctor like Dr. Nuss was/is. If you have not had imaging or a confirmation of Eagles,you may have to find someone to do a CT scan. I am not sure what ENT’s would know about Eagles, but if Dr. Hernandez does not want to see you, you may need to go through an ENT for a referral. If you already have scans, you can probably find an ENT at LENTS Medical Group. Louisiana ENT Specialists, I think.
The doctors in Dr. Hernandez office are specialists in Head and Neck surgery mostly related to cancer, so I am not sure you can get an appointment unless you are referred. However, it is definitely worth a try. I am sure the staff will inform you of their process, good luck.
Some of the physicians that specialize in cancer have been restructuring. I do not know who or when. I saw an article in the paper a few months ago. The Head and Neck Doctors are still in the same location, but do not know how they roll, now. I am thinking that they are not solely cancer doctors, but they do specialize.

Thank you so much for your help. I did have a referral there and they called to make the appointment with Dr. Hernandez but I just didn’t know anything about him so I didn’t know if it was worth going there. I am terrified of getting surgery with someone that hasn’t done these often. I had one surgery last year and they didn’t remove the entire thing and left me with severe facial paralysis. So I just wanna make sure that the last and final surgery I get for the other side that the entire thing is removed from someone who knows what they’re doing. And I just haven’t heard anyone talk about Dr. Hernandez. I did have a referral to Dr.Nuss at first but they told me he wasn’t doing eagles anymore. So they switched it to Dr. Hernandez actually. I just don’t know enough about him. He’s about seven hours away so that’s a long drive. Thank you so much for your help. I wonder if I can call his office and see how many he has done?

Hi @emma,

Thank you for passing along this information. The surgeons who do ES surgery are predominantly skull based ENT surgeons who are cancer specialists. There have been a few who we had to remove from our Doctors List because they decided they wanted to solely focus on cancer surgery & not take time out to deal w/ ES.

Hi Casey52787,

We have a member who recently had ES surgery done by Dr. Hernandez - @Michael123. You can use the magnifying glass icon (type her screen name in the search box) to read her story & how her recovery is going. She is very happy w/ the care & surgery she had done by Dr. Hernandez. You can also send her a private message by clicking on her screen name as it appears above one of her posts.

Casey I just had a sugery by Dr Hernandez one thing I can Say Dr Hernandez is very careful .My surgery took over the time Dr Hernandez said I had no paralysis. In my face or mouth .Dr Hernandez did a great job and I had skull base which is longer recovery