Driving after surgery

Hello everyone! I have a surgery appointment the end of September with Dr. PIRGOUSIS at the Mayo in Jacksonville. He will be doing an external to take out my calcified lig and styloid on the right side.
**How long after surgery were you able to drive again?? I live 7 hours away.
**How long did it take for those that had surgery to be able to drive for just an hour or drive to work?

Hi @Amy07
I think everyone is different. It was at 5 days for me after left side external removal and then only to move my car to a legal parking spot. (NYC alternate side rules for the street sweeper to clean). The 5 mins behind the wheel was my limit.

I didn’t start driving on a regular basis until around 3 weeks post-op. Granted, I can take public transportation to work so I didn’t need to drive but I think I would have been ok with it after 10 days or so.

I lived in Palm Beach Gardens, FL for many years and my mother is still there. That hurricane was a nail bitter. What part of Florida are you from?

All the best. Stay safe.

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How are your Eagles symptoms doing since surgery? I have stabbing ear pain. Plus ringing/ clicking and pressure. It gets worse as the day goes on. Thank God it’s only on the right side.
Things are good down here in Miami- everyone is donating their hurricane supplies to the Bahamas now.
We just got a ton of rain. I hope your parents faired well too!

I felt turning my head was just too painful to drive after surgery for about 3 weeks after the first side was done, but was alot quicker after the second side. I know some members have driven after a week & been okay, as BG says, it does vary.

Just a note if anyone does a search for Dr Pirgousis, one of our members recently saw him & he’s no longer seeing ES patients.