4 Days After Surgery

Hello fellow Eagle Folks! I wanted to stop in and give as much information as possible! First of all, I was absolutely surprised by my doctor about 60 seconds before surgery. I was understanding that my surgery would be external....it was internal!!! I was seconds away from going to sleep and he told me what his plans were! My first thought when I woke up was PAIN!!!!! Never have I felt so much pain! The first couple of days were long and pain filled. I had a good bit of swelling in my throat and face. Tongue was painful too, they clamped it out of the way!! I was beginning to wonder what I had gotten myself into. I had a lot of nerve sensations and vibrations in my throat and head. I also had a lot of blood rushing type pounding. A lot of that is gone, it's obvious now that my right side has some symptoms as well. I havn't talked with the doctor yet but I will this Thursday. It looks like he had to cut high into the roof of my mouth, which is probably best that he went inside! I am feeling better today, not as much pain, God and drugs are good ;) I will keep you posted.......

Hang in there, and be patient as healing takes longer than we expect sometimes!

Had you discussed this procedure prior and agreed to an external or an internal; or just an external? Did the surgeon actually change the approach without your consent in the manner you describe in your brief statement or had your conversations and signed consents included consent to either approach? If not, I would sue so fast his head would spin. I'm not a litigious person however; I would do this without a doubt. Not to bring negativity to your healing process but to make sure he felt accountable for what is completely unacceptable medical practice. If he performed an internal approach truly without your consent for the procedure...that is OUTRAGEOUS!!!