Eagle returning

Hello everyone,

So lately i've had headaches, weird pain but thought it had todo with tension etc... The clicking and popping has stopped since my hyoid bone... But, I can't really remember how I felt 100% before my accident. I have a dull headache... and this weird inflamed gum (not cold sore not canker sore) its around where my wisdom teeth would've been if I still had them. Then my neck under my jaw is extremely sore almost pulling on my ear... Then... going down... my right side hurts by the spine only on the right side and I can and with hit or miss bending head to both sides, after sleeping, just such a weird "pain".... at first I thought maybe I blew a disc but thinking about it..., this all sounds about too familiar... what do you all think?

Ang, I'm so sorry to hear about your symptoms. So, you're thinking this is what it felt like the first time? I really hope your styloid didn't grow back. I know that is a constant fear for me. Thinking of you.

well, I'm definitely going through the cycle again... My friends in town and shes a massage therapist... she worked on the right side to see if t was tension/ muscle spasms... well she said i was tight but afterwards the pain was still in the one spot... today I had a fever all day... and my neck is sore to the touch... I feel I have a sore throat but its not in my actual throat its behind on the sides... im restless, headaches but not migraine headache but a odd pain... my pcp, ent and neurologist told me to go to the ER... I didn't because if I say I have Eagle syndrome theyll send me home... my dad sais he remembers me complaining about all this... I have a knawing pain on the right side of my face but its like inside my face not on the surface... I'm suppose to get that major operation this month and if this is happening I'll have to postpone AGAIN! :( I seriously don't wish this on anyone.... I


I found this... recently I was put on hormone cream bc all mine dropped... now that im on it and the ES started back...I wonder if the ES has affected my thyroid? Has anyone had a thyroid issue related to ES? or metabolism issues?

I suffer with all the above and more although I didn't have surgery yet my right styloid process measures (4.8 cm) and the left (3.5 cm) I pray all my symptoms are caused by the styloids , and if I have surgery I hope can get rid of all the symptoms !!! Can't live this anymore !!!!

Ang, I am sorry that you are having these problems. I can relate to your situation.

High blood calcium is often the result of a hyper active parathyroid, not thyroid. I often wonder if those two are linked. Thyroid issues and parathyroid issues often are related but not always. So I personally had thyroid cancer, a hyper active para thyroid gland and Eagles. My health was great until my GP recommended that I take calcium supplements about 10 years ago because I had ostoepeina. Then my stomach started acting up and the Eagles began to grow, though I did not pay attention to it until it started to hurt and at that time I also found out I had hyperparathyroidism and thyroid cancer. So for me, I think they are related in some way to a malfunction in the way our body processes calcium.

Eagles is found in people with End stage renal disease and people with end stage renal disease are also often diagnosed with secondary hyperparathyroidism, so I am sure there is a relationship. Also, kidney stones are often but not always a sign of hyperparathyroidism. They can, in my mind, all be related. Why the doctors don't know it, yet, I have no clue, but I suspect that there are very few cases of hyperparathyroidism, which is underdiagnosed and even fewer cases of Eagles, and most people only have one or the other or we just don't know that we have more than one of these problems.

I hope you don't have thyroid problems in addition to Eagles, but if you do, getting the thyroid issues under control will certainly help to alleviate some of your tension and perhaps improve your ability to function. If the Eagles pain is returning, I am so sorry, I still have some issues. My pain is mostly close to my ear and my shoulder tenses up right above the shoulder blade. For some reason, if I put an icy hot patch on my shoulder near my collar bone, the patch helps to relieve the muscle tension and relax the ear pain. It is not perfect, but I am working on a hip problem right now and I just do not want to face anymore surgeries or even think about anything more for awhile. All of these pains for me can be other things, like neck problems or acid reflux or TMJ. It is just too much to think about some times. I often give up take a hot bath and curl up with an ice pack around my neck after.

OMG, so much you have said makes sense!!! Well, I was doing trim spa and drinking those "propel" drinks...notice they arn't being sold? Every time I was drinking them my throat flared and the big thing with them is calcium..... So that may have screwed me up... If I somehow figure that out????

What's the difference with thyroid and parathyroid? Because for months I've been super super sick... I go to er.. they ignor.. my pcp says your labs are ok... But I don't feel right... My pain dr.. well she she was the first to do my hormones.... saying they were all extremely low... even thyroid but the dhea, adrenal gland hormones I guess she wanted to get under control first and see if thyroid was still low a month later.. but my hair is literally falling out... I still am bloating... and now all this random es crap....

is pcp a gp? I was thinking of seeing a endocrinologist... I feel like i'm way to young to be losing my hair...Any suggests? what were your symptoms?? they removed my galbladder out... annoying bc that wasn't an issue...