Hi All... new to this "adventure" with Eagles

Hi All,

I just found this support group yesterday and to say the least, I have so many questions like the rest you.

So here is my story and I will try keep it short...

Started having terrible sinus infections, sinus headaches and migraines, Would go to bed feeling fine, and wake up having the headaches or swollen sinuses and sore jaw/sides of neck like someone punched me.

Migraines been going on for 20 years, but the sinus stuff started last fall. I started with my primarydr and they treated as sinus inefection. 3 courses of antibiotics later, I made an appt with my dentist to rule out a bad tooth as I started getting horrible jaw pain and no relief with the sinus headaches.

Had three different dr's tell me not TMJ as pain lower in the jaw and side of throat. I do nothave the stabbing pain inside the throat that some of you are describing, more incredibley tense muscles and deep ache/pain. My dentist did full mouth rads, pointed out the elongated bones (both sides) then asked if he could check something inside the mouth. He was able to palpate the styloid process on both sides and rec I see an ENT surgeon.

Went to the ENT surgeon and long story short, yes you have eagles, yes you can easily feel the bones and yes they are very elongated. But did not recommed surgery unless symptoms became worse, as risks of surgery out weigh the hope of positibe treatment as close to the carotid arteries.

When I asked ENT surgeon if eagles could cause sinitus or sinus infections, she said no. When I asked if eagles could cause horrible headaches she said no. Headaches sometimes so bad that if migraine meds do not kick in, I will vomit for 10 hours or more, dark room, ice packs ya know the drill. So drugged up that all I want to do is sleep the next day.Migraines always start in the back of the neck or side of neck- If I life more than 20# will trigger migraine, or if I lay my neck in an off position for more than an hour, here comes a migraine. Wrong pillow- migraine. Neck stuck in an awkard position for too long, wake up vomiting with a migraine.You get the idea.

As of two days ago I am on my 5th round of antibotics and steroids for another sinus infection. It was so bad I started having vertigo and so dizzy could not stand. First time for those symptoms. Then indegestion and insomnia from the sinus pain and drainage.

Then went to some web site where you can "chat" with a Dr online. I explained my symptoms and was working with two neurologists....they both said eagles can cause sinus infections and in some cases the bad headaches. But....treat as you would a migraine. Great, more drugs that dope ya up. Asked who I should turn to for a better diagnosis, one said ENT the other said Neuro.

So my question for you all.......... where do I go from here? Neck and Throat surgeon, ENT or Neuro Dr? Should I get a CT scan first of sinus, head and neck so they know exactly how long the styloid processes are?

I also have a history of fractues to C4, T4,5,6,7 and T9 from an acciden 8 years agot. Neck crunches all the time anyway from small bone fragments. I always attributed the migraines from that, but after reading more about eagles I was hoping that I found an answer to the cause of the migraines. But all I am is frustrated argh.

I guess this was not short after all and thank you for hearing me out.

Hermit (Kim)

Hi Kim
Poor you, sounds lie you’re going through it!

I’ve been to the jolly lot, maxillofacial, neurology,
head and neck, dental professor, and lots of ent’s, nobody even
diagnosed eagles until couple weeks ago. I finally had ct with
contrast injection and that showed styloid over 4cm with fractures.
I’m surprised it didn’t show on the menagerie of mri scans and X-rays!?

I don’t get the bad headaches you mention, but constant sinus infections, dizziness
choking fits, feel like a pencil wedged in my throat. this thing is really getting
the better of me at moment, took 5 yrs to get diagnosed but not a quick route to

I hope to find out more in next few days, which department I’ll be sent to next!
I’ll keep you posted of anything interesting!

Wishing you well, it’s amazing how many people have the same story!
take care,
Sue :slight_smile:

Well I got same thing from ENT's no way could Eagles cause any of the problems except pain in throat, however the journal of neuroradiology says yes they can though rare. However, I am going to be having the surgery, see the surgeon on June 12th for preop consult. He is not going in through neck but down throat, does anyone really know if this is seriously risky? Can not find any stats to see if surgeries have ever gone horribly wrong.

Hi Kim.... so sorry you're in so much discomfort! It certainly is a horrid thing!

I think that sooooo many of us on here, From Uk or US or other, seem to be in the same predicament re Doctors and consultants... My GP had never heard of it...was sent for Xray of neck to rule out arthritis and it was found then...had and HAVE terrible 'random changing worstening rotten' symtoms for years....now that i KNOw what ive got and WHATS causing it...finding a medic who can help is proving VERY tricky!! i hope that being on here can in some small way help....it's good to know that 'you're NOT going mad' and that other people are 'literally feeling your pain'... Sending hugs Claire ( UK)