Eagle surgery 7-22-14. What can I expect post-op?

Hi. I’m having external approach to remove the styloid and the calcified ligaments on 7-22-14. What can I expect post op? How much pain? For how long? Difficulty eating? How long before able to move neck again? Return to work when? Lifting restrictions? My surgeon is Dr Bumpous, ENT (primarily Head and Neck surgery for oral and throat cancer at U of L ) in Louisville, KY. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me!

Hi there. I had an external styloidectomy on Thursday 7/17/14. It was the first my surgeon has performed. I'm not going to lie to you, the pain is excruciating afterward. I think more of the pain came from the oxygen tube than the surgical site. My lower lip, the back of my throat, and my esophagus were all torn up.The first day and most of the second day I couldn't even swallow. I asked for a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory, and those helped me be able to eat. I am waiting to see if I can feel the relief from the styloid process being removed, but my throat is so sore I can't tell yet. I don't think you will be restricted from moving your neck and returning to work is up to you. I can work just fine; I just can't drive while in the meds, so I am working at home until I no longer need them.

I am 8 days since surgery, and still in a lot of pain. The good news is that I can turn my head to the left without additional pain. I think another 2 or 3 weeks should show a clearer picture. The swelling and hard tissue around the incision is normal I am told. Good luck with your recovery!

Hi there, I had 4cm removed internally on my left side on 6/13/14 my healing has been quiet well & didn’t really experience alot of pain. The worst so far was having the breathing tube in but really I thought it went quite well! I still have swelling in my cheek because of them cutting into the muscle and can only open my mouth about 1 inch but everything else seems to be great.