Eagle surgery (ext styloidectomy) soon

Hi. I’m having external approach to remove the styloid and the calcified ligaments on 7-22-14. What can I expect post op? How much pain? For how long? Difficulty eating? How long before able to move neck again? Return to work when? Lifting restrictions? My surgeon is Dr Bumpous, ENT (primarily Head and Neck surgery for oral and throat cancer at U of L ) in Louisville, KY. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me!

Sorry, I didn't see this earlier, Mare. In general, if you need feedback, it is best to post in "Discussions." I have shared your blog with our members. All the best for your upcoming surgery!


I had both of mine removed externally at the same time. There wasn't much pain at all. I stayed overnight in the hospital and then the next day rode 8 hours home in a snowstorm. I maybe took a couple of pain pills and that was it. I went back to work a week later with lifting restrictions. It is best if you can take it easy and not over do it. I didn't have any problems swallowing. I ate after I woke up after surgery. I started noticing a decrease in most symptoms right away. It seemed that every day I felt better and better.

Good luck with your surgery.

I took about 3 weeks off work after my surgery. And yes you will be restricted to weight baring at first... Honestly.. your voice changes and your sore but the relief from all those symptoms will out weigh the pain.. or at least it did for me. Good luck!

Thanks for all the great info. I have my surgical consult at u of k August 14th and hope soon after to have done. This dance mom was all the questions I had and grateful you asked. Let us know how you did please!

I have not yet had surgery, but my thoughts and prayers are with you, and will send healing thoughts to Dr. Bumpous for him to use his gifts wisely for you! We will be anxious to hear how you do? Please keep posting...

Had mine a year ago. Plus both tonsils taken out. Tonsils were bad. (I am almost 40, lol). But not any real problem with the neck. I only took 4 days off of work. Initial scar is not pretty, but looks good now. Take care and good luck. You will be fine:)