Eagle Syndrome and COVID-19 Vaccine

I have Eagles now about 4 years. 3 years ago i had surgery to remove right side styloid, etc. it left me with neuropathy of a bunch of cranial nerves (gloss. Trigeminal). I have it also on left side but no symptoms. Has anybody been advised NOT to get the vaccine ? I have some auto immune issues (RA). I still have pain , numbness , throat, etc. i lose my appetite completely and pain on lower right side when I have a flare.

I think it would pay you to speak to you doctor about this, you need specialist advice re AI conditions, & are you on any medication for this? I won’t be having it personally, but that’s not a Ben’s Friend’s view.

I have Autoimmune thyroid disease (Graves’) plus Eagle syndrome. I spoke to both my endocrinologist and my regular doctor before I got the vaccine. I got the first dose on the 9th of January, I had two days of bad fatigue, sore arm and a bit of a headache, that was it. I work for a health care organization and our chief medical officer actually took the time to share with us his opinion of the research he did on the vaccine. Just wanted to give you some feedback from someone in a similar boat that did take the vaccine.


Hi Gail,

I’m so sorry to hear about your residual nerve problems after ES surgery. I hope you’ve found a way to manage the flare ups. Glad you got a good answer to your question as I thought it was a good question but didn’t have an answer for you.