Post Surgical (bloodwork)

Hi, I have Eagles on both sides but last year had Eagles Surgery on right side (so many symptoms). I had to refuse the Prednisone post surgical (allergic) so Doc warned me of longer recovery. Still have pain and area around incision is red still and some pain in the lymph under jaw. Question is I had some gastro issues late December and bloodwork drawn and high ESR and CRP. Anyone else have these issues? Other symptoms - loss of appetite, low grade fever , chills, pain in legs/body. The more activity during the day the more pain at night. Doc is referring me to a rheumatologist (auto immune issue?). Wondering if this is all related. Any insight is appreciated.

Hi Gail!

There have been others on here who’ve had post op fever issues. If you type “fever” or “fevers” in the the search box (click on the magnifying glass above right) the posts should come up & you can see what people said.

I’m very sorry you’re still dealing with this & your surgical healing has been slow. The vagus nerve can affect the gut & it is one of the cranial nerves often affected by ES. You could notice an improvement in your gut situation if you have your remaining elongated styloid removed.

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We’re not medical experts on here, so can only give personal opinions, not medical…maybe the inflammation from the styloid process has triggered an autoimmune illness? You could try searching for AI also with the site’s search function.
Personally, I’ve had symptoms of Sjogrens Syndrome which happened the same time as the ES symptoms really flared up, blood tests were negative- but I think there’s definitely a link in my case!
I hope that doctors can give you some answers & some help…

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