Eagle Syndrome Article

Thought I would share this article. I have many of the symptoms shared. I recall someone recently asking about facial numbness which I too get. This is mentioned in the article as well. :blush:

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Thank you for this very thorough article about ES, & it’s various iterations & symptoms. Prolotherapy has been suggested on our forum before. We feel it’s one of those therapies that sounds great on paper, but we don’t know of any forum members who’ve had success being treated by that method. If there are members who have, I hope they post their comments here. :blush:

Hi there!

Not really familiar with the prolotherapy piece but thought the symptoms might resignat with some. Hope this helps. :blush:

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There’s some really good info in here about symptoms as you say, so for that reason it’s a good article & hopefully useful for some, but obvs we’re not endorsing this treatment :grinning:

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Great share. It lead me to looking into lots of new information. Thank you.


Thank you. Have a great week :blush: