Has anyone ever heard of or tried Prolotherapy for ES? I am not sure if it would be covered by insurance but I just came across this article:

:dizzy_face: Please run far far FAR AWAY :dizzy_face:
Prolotherapy is NOT indicated in any way for ES

I’m hoping maybe the Modsupport guys might chip in as they know more, I have a feeling as Justbreathe says it’s one to steer clear of!

I tried it when they thought they were dealing with TMJ - it did absolutely nothing. Waste of time, money & hope.

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Thank you. Can you tell me why?

I have no idea. I just know it didn’t do anything for me.

Hi clasch,
As the short description on the link you attached mentions, prolotherapy is an injection intended to cause an inflammatory response, classically used in ligamentous instability. In all of the sound evidence based research related to ES, by it’s definition, no where is ligamentous instability (stylomandibular ligament or otherwise) noted as an etiology. If anything giving that kind of injection would cause more inflammation in an already inflamed region with loads of nerves in the area. The injection would not have any affect on the length or angle of the styloid or the calcification of the stylohyoid ligament if that is present, nor would it address any potential vascular stenosis (notice none of these characteristic finders of ES were mentioned in the article or video)

Watching the video clip in the link it was shocking to hear this man (not sure what it takes to qualify as a “prolotherapy doctor”) say you could diagnos ES by pressing behind your jaw, if it is tender that is ES and this injection is the answer…massive red flag.

I didn’t have the eyeballs or energy to dive into the references listed or the rest of the website but just the surface information is scary - to me anyways. Hope my 2 cents are helpful, just my opinion. Good luck and proceed with caution.


Very helpful. Thank you

I agree that’s why asked if anyone here had ever heard of it or tried it.

Hi clasch!
If you click on the magnifying glass icon & type prolotherapy in the window that comes up, you will find other posts inquiring about prolotherapy from years past. I haven’t read them, but if you want to know what others on this forum said or did in the past, the info is there for you.