Eagles and craniocervical instability, dysautonomia?

Has anyone found these things go together? I have bilateral jugular compression and headaches, neck, facial pain and a doctor I’m consulting with says these things all go together? However, eagles and CCI have very different and invasive treatments. Looking for anyone who has knowledge or experience with this??

Hello @Swoo,

Have you been diagnosed with CCI and ES? CCI is a very severely debilitating condition that needs to be addressed by an experienced neurosurgeon of which there are only a few in the country. If you would like message me privately and we can discuss more.

Hi what is cci and what are your symptoms of dysautomia?

CCI aka Craniocervical Instability, is a structural instability of the craniocervical junction which may lead to a pathological deformation of the brainstem, upper spinal cord, and cerebellum.
In layman’s terms, it’s an instability of the cervical spine (neck) where it meets the skull thus the brain stem, cerebellum & spinal cord are not as well protected & supported in that area which can cause them to deform. This, of course, causes other problems.

Dysautonomia refers to a wide range of conditions that affect the autonomic nervous system. Symptoms include fainting, cardiovascular issues, and breathing problems. It is linked to conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. … The most common types are neurocardiogenic syncope, which leads to fainting.

Definition of Autonomic Nervous System (ANS): 1. the part of the nervous system responsible for control of the bodily functions not consciously directed, i.e. the internal organs, including the blood vessels, stomach, intestine, liver, kidneys, bladder, genitals, lungs, pupils, heart, and sweat, salivary, and digestive glands.

I hope this helps your understanding, July123.


wonder if CCI could be caused by Eagles, OR vice versa, if there’s any causal relationship between the two. E.g. I can feel that I have to keep my head in a certain posture to avoid feeling brainfog.
In my engineer’s but not doctor’s opinion, holding the head in unnatural uneven posture for a prolonged period can disturb the balance between muscles and ligaments in C area and in body in general (the head is heavy). I suspect sooner or later CCI could show up just as the result of this disbalance.
On the other hand, I’ve heard that the body often “tries” to protect vital areas by number of possible “locks”, when it “feels” any danger. That includes muscle spasms, calcifications, drop in blood pressure, coma and even depression (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23261774).
So maybe sometimes these calcifications occur to protect the body from other, potentially life-threatening injuries, but later these calcifications do not resolve, which is opposite of what happens with temporary spasms in muscles.
Who knows…


Thanks for the explanation. Yeh I was wondering was it all connected too.

Interesting theory, vdm. It all goes back to “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”, eh?!

Thank you for the article link. It does make sense that depression & anxiety are related to pain & inflammation as those evoke a “nervous” response which can display itself in those & other ways. I also agree that our bodies are designed to survive & thrive & will do whatever seems necessary to make that happen. Thus, there are protective mechanisms in place that aren’t always as beneficial as we would hope.

ES and CCI have been found to coexist along with dysautonomia. This likely is a result from brain stem and or cranial nerve compression and irritation.