Episodes of pain

Hey everybody!
I have episodes of intense pain, sometimes they last for a month, sometimes only a few days. Between these episodes i have episodes where i am almost pain free sometimes. I cant wrap my head around why this is. I was wondering if you guys are experiencing the same and If there is any explanation for it?

I also have more pain some days than others. It can be really uncomfortable. Other times pain free. No answer for this, I take aspirin.

Absolutely, I get periods of severe and mild pain all the time. That is the nerves being irritated. I’m on Nortriptyline daily and take diclofenac potassium when I have severe breakout pain.

Have you tried getting a referral to a pain clinic? Or a pain management specialist?

It does seem to be that a lot of people have this- I had a bad bout of pain around the time I was diagnosed, and then it settled for 9 months to a bearable level, then I got a lot of vascular symptoms start. Then the other side started a few months after surgery…
There have been quite a few mentions of this on the forum before; no-one has answers to why, but you’re not alone!!

I definitely have this problem. It makes me feel crazy sometimes since there are days when I feel close to normal I start to think maybe the pain was all in my head. Then it comes back along with the depression when I realize all is definitely not normal. It’s a frustrating cycle.

Oh yes Rhoni i can totally relate.

Yes! I call mine “flare ups.”

This happens to me ALLLL the time…Some weeks will be great…and others Im on my death bed!!..Its a scary cycle…I NEVER know what tomorrow brings as I might have mild, moderate or severe pain…Im scared to go to sleep at night because of what tomorrow may bring :frowning:

My other side started severe pain 2 weeks after my surgery…The doctor doesnt believe me…Its ten times worse than my operation side…I never had pain on the opposing side…and then BANG pain started…My surgeon believes eagles syndrome is only one sided and my other side is too short too be considered eagles…hmm 3.5cm is not too short…So I’m back where I began 2 years ago :frowning: