Hey y'all!

So as you all have probably seen my many blog posts.... I haven't been in in quite sometime. I started feeling better... Got my second major reconstructive surgery on my left arm for my bracial plexus injury... well I was in the cast about 9 weeks roughly... I was having headaches and all... the cast went almost to my shoulder...

well 10 weeks after getting the cast off I am not getting headaches but have this jaw pain I cannot explain... it's like a ongoing tingle....quite annoying... My ENT called me and sais there's no way it could be eagles.. I seriously disagree... but due to my head-trauma I cannot remember how I felt when my ligaments calcified before... other then headaches... It all started after I did breathing gentle yoga... And now I feel like i was kicked in the side of my face and this tingling is driving me crazy!

Any idea or can anyone talk to me about possibly dealing with this? I want to SCREAM!

Sounds like you've been through loads, at least you can vent on here and we understand. If you're getting tingling as well it sounds like an irritated nerve? Perhaps see about getting painkillers specifically to help with that if you've not tried those already? Good luck!