Es and dentistry

Over a week ago i went to dentist got temporary crown on they gave me 6 shots to numb me and i am still numb down my neck to Collier bone and neck is super tight when i try swallow the dentist gave me steriods see if it would un numb my mouth but nope nothing anyone familiar with this?

Probably best to go back to see your dentist again- I've never had this- dread going to the dentist myself as it has always set off the pain.... Unless you were sitting at a slightly awkward angle and it's caused some nerve compression by the styloid process?

I don't have your same symptoms, but I do have non-epileptic seizures from pressing on my neck, probably due to a pinched nerve. I can relieve the pressure by various postures. I couldn't hurt to try some of mine.

1. Stick out your tongue. Not very far, but keep it high near the roof or your mouth.

2. pinch the skin on top of your adam's apple. A fold of only 1/2 inch is needed.

3. Defy gravity and lift the skin of your neck by removing the weight underneath. Place your hand on your chest skin-to-skin just below the collar bones and push up. If it feels like you're choking, then your hand is too high.

Please keep us updated on your situation. So sorry you are having this problem. Wondering if you told your dentist that you have ES? I had a lower left molar pulled a couple of months ago (was put to sleep) and the worst part was the nerve pain it triggered afterwards. Hopefully your dentist will continue to see your problem through. I did some online research but didn't find anything regarding ES vs getting novocaine shots but I suspect there is a connection!